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Of Sleeping Pills and Tranquilizers

I had a good life with a very supportive family. Outwardly I looked very happy. I have a lot of friends. Anyone would envy my social media and Facebook life. But at day’s end and alone at home it was a different story.

From Bolo to Bible

Willy and Condrada Mojado have been separated for quite some time. Because of her husband’s drinking problem Condrada left him. Once drunk, Willy would threaten to kill Conrada and their neighbors.

Salt and Light to the Workplace

I was religious in my youth, hearing mass every day. Though outwardly religious, I found no meaning in life. Inwardly, I struggled with lustful and violent thoughts as well as religious doubts.


Student Led Movement

We seek to introduce students to Jesus Christ, to help them grow in their faith, and share their faith to others.

Global Church Movement

We help establish multiplying and sustainable churches, one for every thousand people, in every community.

Leader Impact

We help those who aim higher and reach farther – to live a life of purpose and fulfillment, want to leave a legacy, and have a lasting impact.

Digital Strategies

We go where people are. We engage, we empower, we lead, we collaborate towards the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Our Mission

To be a major catalyst in developing Christ-centered multiplying disciples to strategically fulfill the Great Commission for transformation.

Journeying with 11,502 people , 259 Partners , 340 Campuses , 21 City Teams , & 301 Churches.

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